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There are so many different ways that companies begin.  Some with an innovative idea they bring to reality, and others with a vision of discovering new methods of expanding on an existing concept. The common bond among all is the courage, conviction, and willingness to take a risk in something they believe in. More importantly, there comes a time when opportunity presents itself, and those with the above traits are perceptive enough to seize it. Voytek Kaniewski and Yarek Ostaniewicz did just that when they founded OKNA Windows & Doors.


Originally from Poland, Voytek and Yarek did not meet until forming a partnership in New York as general contractors, where their business was very successful and consistently growing. One facet of their business was, of course, installation of windows, where they relied on a local manufacturer to provide the product as they needed it. Like so many other companies, when the need arises for parts and supplies, timing is of the essence. As the demand for their services increased, so did their need for more products. They were becoming a familiar fixture at the local window manufacturer, who was feeling pressured to keep up with their demand. It finally got to the point where one day the owner jokingly said, “If you guys are buying so many windows and need them so quickly, why don’t you just start making your own?” Now, in the majority of similar scenarios, most people would just laugh it off and discard this kind of comment. Voytek and Yarek, while both possessing a wonderful sense of humor, did not. Just like that, OKNA Windows was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in a 25,000 sq. ft. facility with 12 dedicated employees.

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Since their inception in 1994, OKNA has continued to grow and redefine their commitment to satisfaction and evolution of their products.  In 2015 they moved into a 220,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility in Bristol, PA, and have increased their workforce to over 200 employees. OKNA distributes throughout the midwest and  east coast with an ever expanding network of top quality dealers serving the residential and commercial markets. 


All OKNA products are tested in independent testing facilities and meet or exceed the most rigorous Energy Star, AAMA and NFRC certifications. As a result, OKNA products deliver absolute performance backed by an outstanding warranty. There is no better way to demonstrate their commitment and confidence!