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Our Team

Conveyor GirlThrough the years, OKNA Windows & Doors has consistently grown and their workforce has expanded from the original 12 employees to over 100 currently. Both Voytek and Yarek travel extensively in search of the most innovative equipment and technology. In addition, OKNA will create their own concepts and take them to factories which can provide the raw materials. OKNA employs an on-site engineer whose primary responsibility is to find new equipment and products to use in their manufacturing process and unique methods of production. Any new technology entering the market is applied to their products immediately. It’s quite obvious that the company has, from humble beginnings, come a very long way. Their windows and doors are much sought after in today’s market. OKNA serves as an excellent example of seizing an opportunity and making it a reality. Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with us. We wish you many worry-free years of enjoying our products!